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The Law Offices of Reena Sehgal is a trusted resource and advisor to small- and mid-size business owners and entertainers in Los Angeles and throughout California. My career has been dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, entertainers, and business owners from various backgrounds protect themselves, their businesses, and their brand from legal pitfalls and difficulties so you can focus on growing your business and advancing your career. Some of the services I offer include:

  • Business Law: Business law encompasses all areas of law that can impact the manner in which a business operates. As a business law attorney, I am able to assist new businesses in getting off the ground as well as established businesses that have run into challenges. Whether you are needing advice in deciding what type of business entity to form or you are an established business facing legal challenges, I am able to assist you. I have experience in helping business owners handle legal questions relating to contract law, commercial transactions, sales and acquisitions of property, employment disputes, and many other challenges unique to the business environment. After consulting with my clients, I work with them to develop a plan to help resolve their legal challenge as quickly as possible. In many cases, this means attempting to resolve these disputes outside of court. However, I am experienced in taking matters to court when necessary to protect my business clients’ rights and interests.
  • Intellectual Property Law: “Intellectual property” refers to assets that may not necessarily be physical in nature. A business’s ideas, trademarks or plans (along with physical creations like books, manuals, and screenplays) can be as valuable – if not more valuable – than a business’s buildings and office machinery. Unlike an expensive copier or the set of a Hollywood movie, however, ideas and inventions can be stolen and distributed in the blink of an eye. If these ideas and inventions are not properly protected, the original creator of these may find it difficult (or even impossible) to obtain fair compensation for the use of his or her intellectual property and/or obtain court orders directing the unauthorized person using such property to cease and desist. It is best to employ an intellectual property attorney early in the development of a new idea or creation so that protections can be obtained as soon as possible; however, even if you failed to obtain protection for your intellectual property prior to an act of infringement or unlawful use, I still may be able to assist you in taking steps to minimize your losses.
  • Entertainment Law: Like business law, entertainment law is a generalized term used to describe the many areas of the law that impact the entertainment industry. Artists, entertainers, and others are often very skilled at practicing their craft (whether it be acting, singing, directing or another similar craft) but are not well-equipped to handle the legal matters that can impact their work. Skilled legal representation is needed to ensure that the contracts these entertainers sign adequately protect the entertainer and his or her rights. When disputes arise over the payment of royalties or other benefits or compensation previously agreed to, a strong and determined lawyer with negotiation and litigation skills may be necessary to ensure the entertainer obtains full and fair compensation for their work.


The Law Offices of Reena Sehgal offers pricing and payment plans tailored to our client’s specific needs. We offer flat fees for document preparation and are happy to set caps for hourly projects. We understand that pricing is a big concern for any business, inventor or entertainer and are happy to address the issue in detail, prior to making any commitments.

At the Law Offices of Reena Sehgal, we make it our mission to help your business succeed. The best way for us to accomplish this is to create a trusting and collaborative relationship. Therefore, we like to keep lines of communication open and make ourselves available to answering brief questions or responding to emails, texts and calls. We also will happily make time to discuss any concerns in person.

Contact the Law Offices of Reena Sehgal today to learn how my legal counsel, skill, and experience can help protect your rights, your property, and your future. I offer all new business, intellectual property, and/or entertainment law clients a free initial consultation in which we can discuss your situation and concerns as well as how my services can help address your circumstances.

Intellectual Property

Trademarks & Copyrights

Search, Analysis & Filings
Statements of Use
Office Actions/Provisional Refusals

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Start Ups & Small-Midsize Businesses
Name Clearance
Business Entity Selection, Registration, Formation
Partnership Agreements
Licenses, Permits, Taxes
Non-Disclosure, Non-Compete, Confidentiality
Intellectual Property Protection

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Artists, Entertainers, Producers, Directors, and More
Preparing, Reviewing, and Negotiating Contracts -
Production, Talent, Clearance, Licensing & Distribution Agreements
Motion Picture TV Production Counsel
Business Formation & Securities
Royalty Agreements
Copyrights & Trademarks

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