Whether you are a new entrepreneur trying to get your new small or mid-size business off the ground or an experienced business owner looking for ways to grow your business while protecting the assets and intangible property you have acquired, the Law Offices of Reena Sehgal can help you and your business move confidently into the future. I have experience and knowledge helping business owners face and overcome the legal challenges that can prevent them from expanding and that can jeopardize their business’ property and prospects. I understand that, just like you, your business is unique. Therefore, I take the time to understand your questions and concerns before developing an individualized plan to address those questions and concerns in an expeditious, effective manner.

What a California Business Law Attorney Can Do for You 

As a business law attorney, my goal is simple: Resolve your business’s legal dispute as quickly as possible so you and your business can continue operations with as minimal of a disruption as possible. Some of the ways I can help you include:

  • Business formation and start-up, including choosing an appropriate business entity for your new venture, registering your business with the California Secretary of State, and drafting articles of incorporation and corporate by-laws.
  • Contract services, including contract review, contract negotiations, drafting of contracts, and assistance before and after a breach of a contract has occurred.
  • Buy-sell agreements and other methods of protecting your business’ assets and operations in the event of the death or divorce of an owner or partner.
  • Intellectual property, which includes registering trademarks, copyrights, patents and prosecuting infringements of your protected ideas and works.
  • Employment law disputes, including compliance with state and federal employment laws, noncompete agreements, and other legal issues affecting the relationship between you and your employees.

The legal issues facing California businesses in the twenty-first century are vast and complex. Because of experience and knowledge in business law, I am able to assist you in quickly and accurately diagnosing your legal needs and then providing effective and efficient legal services to address those needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions About California Business Law

Throughout my career, I have answered many questions from business owners about business law and the value a business law attorney can provide. Some of the more frequent questions include:

  • When is the best time to hire a business law attorney? Some business owners wait until they are faced with a legal challenge before hiring an attorney, but there is value and benefit to hiring an attorney before you face legal difficulties. The more time your business law attorney has to familiarize herself with your business, its needs, and your goals, the more effective her advocacy and counsel will be when legal challenges do arise.
  • I’m already knowledgeable about California law – do I still need a business law attorney? Probably so. Even business owners who have a legal background or knowledge find it time-consuming to handle their business’s legal matters and effectively run their business. A business law attorney can provide legal services to you so you can focus on operating your business.
  • Should a business attorney be a good negotiator or a good litigator? Both! Negotiation skills can help reduce the likelihood that a dispute or disagreement will proceed to court, helping you save time and resources. When disputes are not able to be resolved through negotiation methods a skilled litigator can help you prevail in court quickly and with as minimal disruption to your business’s operations as possible.


The Law Offices of Reena Sehgal offers pricing and payment plans tailored to our client’s specific needs. We offer flat fees for document preparation and are happy to set caps for hourly projects. We understand that pricing is a big concern for any business, inventor or entertainer and are happy to address the issue in detail, prior to making any commitments.

At the Law Offices of Reena Sehgal, we make it our mission to help your business succeed. The best way for us to accomplish this is to create a trusting and collaborative relationship. Therefore, we like to keep lines of communication open and make ourselves available for answering brief questions or responding to emails, texts and calls. We also will happily make time to discuss any concerns in person.

Contact Reena at 818-582-2421 and learn how she can help you achieve the goals and dreams you have for your business. Our firm offers a free initial consultation to clients so they can learn the benefits of having an knowledgable business law attorney on their side.

We are frequently updating and adding new information to this site. Please check back soon for news, articles, and more FAQs.

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The Law Offices of Reena Sehgal provides representation and counsel to business owners, from start-up of a new business venture to the winding-up of a business (and everything in between). The mission of my firm is simple: Helping business owners, inventors, and entertainers protect their legal rights and their livelihoods. I can assist with business formation challenges, contract negotiations and drafting, and intellectual property protection. Whatever the challenge you're facing, I strive to resolve the issue to your satisfaction in a swift and efficient manner. At the Law Office of Reena Sehgal, we keep our clients informed about the process of their case so that they can be assured their situation is receiving the attention it deserves and so they can focus on other important issues.


Start Ups & Small-Midsize Businesses

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»      Business Entity Selection, Registration, Formation
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»      Intellectual Property Protection
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